We are excited to announce that we have just acquired the domain flingl.com!

If your goal is to develop and launch the next great dating app or website, you need a name that is catchy, memorable, and descriptive.   Flingl.com is the perfect moniker for your project, not just to compete with the likes of tinder, okcupid, and others, but to truly set your project apart from the rest of the also-rans.  If you are serious about succeeding in the crowded space of online dating, a killer name is a MUST.  Send us an inquiry to make your offer on this incredibly rare and memorable property.


DomainCake.com Is Live!

Check out all the domains we have available for your projects.  Most of these have been acquired with a site or application concept in mind, but until their respective projects launch, every domain is available to a buyer with the right offer.  You can see all the domains available right here: Available Domains.

If you’d like to inquire about making a purchase, simply click on the link beside the domain name of your choice and send us an email.


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